her doe eyes glisten ruby red lips narrow i get up from my seat toss down three bucks for our coffees i walk out of the diner never looking back she did not say a thing what could she say she had done exactly what i expected her to do it was a hustle after … Continue reading Mark

Dark Days

Since returning from Crescent City, California, I’ve found myself with a strange case of writers block. Strange, because I still keep my journal and I write lengthy notes, but I'm not writing words worth the sharing. Meanwhile there's a billion words swirling about my head like the multitudes of high-desert stars. And though they're all … Continue reading Dark Days

Taco Time

Officer James Herrod pulled into a parking spot about 30 feet from the food truck and picked up the microphone: "Robert One-18 to dispatch." "Dispatch," a voice from the radio spoke, "Go Robert One-18." "Yes, dispatch I'll be 10-7 at the corner of Main and Third." "10-4, Robert One-18, have a good lunch." "Roger and … Continue reading Taco Time

In a Flash

Monday comes and it is already Friday. This month is over and the year is up. Many years are gone, leaving nothing, Where waiting for later is loss of time. So take full advantage of what is left It is already too late for the going back.


A Xerox copy of a handwritten letter sent anonymously and without a date, via the US postal service, to the newspaper I used to work for, but never taken seriously: "All I did was step off trail long enough to empty my bladder and now, I’m lost. Where Andy and Ryan went, I don’t know … Continue reading Driven

A single sperm supposedly has 37-and-a-half megabytes of DNA information in it, which means a normal ejaculation could represents a data transfer of around 1,587 gigabytes in about four seconds, and that's a lot of information to swallow.


“You are so accident prone,” my wife says. “No, I’m not,” I reply, “I jus’ move so fast at times that I become clumsy.” “If you say so,” she smiles sweetly, “But I’ve never seen you move fast once.” “Pffts,” I press through my tightly pursed lips. The injuries, though not severe, take a toll … Continue reading Injurious

Overheard while social distancing: "They oughta call COVID-19  'the common core virus.'" "Why's that?" "Nothings adding up."  

Singer Taylor Swift has made a career out of singing about her poor choices in men, and now she wants us to vote for Joe Biden.


It’s been a generation, perhaps two ago, and while I didn’t make a lot of money, I had enough to treat me and Adam to few soda pops and comic books from the Woodland Villa. I was nine, maybe 10-years-old, when I decided to take Dad’s wooden Ronson Shoe Shine Kit down to the Klamath … Continue reading Ronson

Ask me about my attention deficit disorder or pie or my dog, a cat. I have a bike. Do you like TV? I saw a rock. Hi.


This is day 115 of social distancing, face-masks and self-quarantining and a lengthy week of minor set-backs. It started last Friday with my son and daughter-in-law’s vehicle breaking down jus’ over the Nevada-California stateline as they were heading for a visit to her family in the So-Cal area. Two motor belts and a radiator later, at … Continue reading Set-Backs

Last night our neighbor came home drunk. He stood at his door banging on it for over five-minutes. Problem is that he lives alone. So I finally went over and told him he wasn't home. He left.


Bib-over-all's have been a staple in my life for as long as I can recall.  As the name implies, they're designed to be worn over top of regular cloths to protect them from getting dirty and torn. It’s rare now, to find someone wearing them as an ‘over-all,' in a work environment. I certain don't … Continue reading Joozers


The children from the apartment complex next door hollered and carried on all Saturday morning and into the late afternoon. The pond behind the old folk’s home had frozen over and was now hard enough to skate on. Annie Clarke sat at her bedroom window, knees tucked beneath a knitted throe and watched, remembering her … Continue reading Snapback

Out Boxed

In both grade and high school they had teased him, called him ‘nerd,’ and at the time, it bothered him. But as a ‘senior,’ as society is want to do, at 60-years-old Rod Westford didn’t care what anyone called him. “Jus’ don’t call me late for dinner,” he often joked. He had married his late … Continue reading Out Boxed


She asked me to write a romance story... It was the gray largest wolf I had ever seen in my life, the size of a smaller Shetland pony.  I only saw it for a couple of seconds, before it disappeared into the wood line ahead of me. Reflecting back on the sighting, I realized something … Continue reading Her


The narrow dirt streets, between the brown and towering chimney-like housing, were very quiet this morning, absent the odor of the combustion motored vehicles and the sound of the mechanical gear-shifting and handlebar bells of the hundreds of bicycles, but 11-year-old Xi Yang paid no attention to this. Nor did he think much about the … Continue reading Grub

The New Kid

Stephanie first saw him as he stood in the main hallway of the high school, seemingly lost. There was something different about this boy, foreign perhaps, maybe innocence, a shyness or even worldly. She couldn’t tell. However, she rushed over anyway to ask if she could help. “New here?” she asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Stephanie.” … Continue reading The New Kid


She stood at her open door Unwilling to venture forth Trapped by the new ritual Her cloth virus mask Rendered useless By a broken strap Her emotional undoing And exterminating Angel Kissing her impolitely

Limped into our local ice cream parlor, yesterday and ordered a banana split. "Crushed nuts?" the woman behind the counter asked. "No, bad back." I misunderstood the question.

Antipode, Part 4

Into their third decent of the 2020 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's season, pilot Fred George and engineer Maurice Oliver, of the deep-sea submersible, “Aegir” cautiously approached the sea bed. The yellow and black, two-person craft had been named for the Norse God of the oceans. During their second assent, the duel propellers of the craft had … Continue reading Antipode, Part 4

Wife: "Does it look like I've gained weight since the quarantine?" Husband: "Honestly, you weren't that skinny to start with -- so no." Time of Death: 3 pm Cause of Death: COVID-19 related

Thread Count

It’d been several weeks since the latest international crisis had begun. Now over, Charlene and Will needed desperately escape their home, their place of confinement. After spending a week dining, dancing and spa-ing, the couple returned home. Following dinner the next evening, Will came down with a massive ache on the left side of his … Continue reading Thread Count